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Slim Happy Belly MENU

Avoiding sugar all together may not the complete solution for your weight loss – unlike what I once shared in my The Belly Fat CureTM books. Resetting your sensitivity to foods that affect insulin can keep your levels consistently in control and allow you to lose up to 9 lbs of belly fat a week. You control insulin all week by simply eliminating sugar in your diet for 2 days of each week, creating an insulin detox.

By eliminating sugar for 2 days........

Reason for Reading

Tips and recipes on trimming your tummy

Opening Paragraph

I am thrilled to share with you my all new weight loss plan for women over 40, based on the latest scientific research that has shown that it’s nearly impossible for most women to stay on a “no sugar or carb diet” long-term. Carb cutting is the formula for guaranteed failure for woman over 40 looking to lose weight. You may see success initially, but then your cravings will kick in and sabotage your success every time. You need carbs in your diet to feel your best. In fact, you are biologically driven

to crave sugar and carbs to maintain your mood-boosting serotonin levels. Sugar is the simplest form of carbohydrates. In the end, all carbs, regardless of the source, turn to sugar in the body and in excess, lock in belly fat. 

Quotes from the Book

 Eliminating sugar for 2 days - NO sugar for 2 days - is the secret to

turning on your “skinny hormones” and dropping 9 lbs. in just one week. 

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Slim Happy Belly MENU

Slim Happy Belly MENU

489 days ago
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Slim Happy Belly MENU